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For a full list of ingredients and nutrition facts, see here.

Eating appropriately is far more than just counting calories. It's counting the makeup of those calories. 100 grams of sugar has a very different impact on your body than 100 grams of animal fats.

Rebel Ice Cream only uses premium, keto-friendly ingredients that won't raise your blood sugar, raise your insulin levels, or kick you out of a fat-burning state. Rebel Ice Cream also has the perfect amount of fat to maintain that superior taste and texture of real ice cream. It is also the lowest "net carb" ice cream on the market. Our ice cream is 100% grain and gluten-free with no added sugar. For more information on what sets us apart from other ice creams, please see our About page.

Cream. This is the best, most expensive part of dairy milk and contains very little lactose/sugar. The fat from cream is crucial to a superior taste and structure in ice cream. The cows are rBST and hormone free. Other low carb ice creams also add skim milk which has a glycemic index of 46.

Egg Yolk. This is the best natural emulsifier which improves whipping ability in production to produce a smooth, slow-melting ice cream. It's also the best and most nutritious part of the egg.

Erythritol. This seems like a weird name with a weird classification (sugar alcohol), but it has nothing to do with alcohol. It is just a natural sweetener found in fermented fruits and vegetables. The human body cannot digest erythritol. It is metabolized in the kidney and the vast majority of ingested erythritol is excreted via urine. A minute amount leaves behind in the lower digestive tract and acts as prebiotic. In fact, studies show it is a gut-friendly sweetener (unlike other sugar alcohols), because it does not ferment in the gut. It does not feed good or bad bacteria. It also has a 0 glycemic index and virtually calorie-free. This means it does not raise your blood sugar or cause gastrointestinal distress. When paired with monk fruit, it is the perfect sugar substitute.

Monk Fruit. This is a natural, high intensity sweetener which has no aftertaste. It is the perfect complement to erythritol, which is 60% as sweet as sugar.

Milk Protein Isolate. The proteins in milk contribute much to the development of structure in traditional ice cream, including emulsification, whipping, and water holding capacity. But the lactose in milk makes it too high carb. Milk Protein Isolate is made by taking milk and filtering out almost all of the lactose. It is mostly made up of casein protein and is lower carb and less insulinogenic than whey protein isolate/concentrate. We use a very small quantity, just enough protein to achieve that great structure. There is no need to artificially boost protein levels. Save your protein consumption for delicious meats, seafoods, and nuts!

Chicory Root Fiber. This is a 0 glycemic prebiotic that promotes good bacteria for a healthy gut. It is subtly sweet and is the perfect complement to erythritol in ice cream. Its exothermic properties help offset the endothermic properties of erythritol and promote a good structure in ice cream. Other low carb ice creams use corn fiber which has a glycemic index of 24.

Vegetable Glycerin. We use just a tiny bit of this to soften up the ice cream. It is 60% as sweet as sugar but is not metabolized as sugar in the body. It does not cause a rise in blood sugar or insulin levels according to many studies. It is sourced from palm, not soy.

Gums. We are only using natural, very low carb stabilizers. Without sugar and lactose, gums are necessary for the ice cream's structure, texture, and reliability.

Natural flavors. These are extracts where flavor is highly concentrated using alcohol. Like the vanilla extract you use at home, very little is needed and they have virtually no carbs with no added sugar.

Inclusions. Our inclusions (i.e. cookie dough, peanut butter fudge, chocolate flakes, swirls) are substantial in size and completely grain-free with no sugar added. They are high in healthy fats with virtually no sugar. The palm oil we use is sustainably sourced (RSPO certified).

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