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I've been making homemade ice cream for many years, but everything changed when I began a ketogenic way of eating. I immediately experienced amazing benefits: decreased body fat, increased energy, and increased mental clarity. I had never felt better! But what about ice cream? I carefully "ketofied" and perfected my favorite ice cream recipes. They finally passed the "kid test:" my kids could not tell the difference between the keto and high-sugar recipes!

Rebel Creamery's mission is to 1) finally provide a premium, fat-burning ice cream with clean, keto-friendly ingredients and 2) use our ice cream as a gateway to convert millions more to the benefits of a LCHF/Keto lifestyle.

We successfully raised $80,000 in our December 2017 Kickstarter and plan to launch in April 2018. We will ship ice cream to your front door on dry ice. We will also eventually enter grocery stores. Please sign up for the Rebel VIP List to be the first to receive product updates and availability.

Austin Archibald

frequently asked questions

Why high fat? Isn't fat bad for you?

Millions have discovered a diet high in healthy fats and low in sugar and carbs leads to weight loss, increased energy, reduced appetite, mental clarity, and reversal of metabolic disorders. Recent studies are also suggesting a ketogenic diet may kill cancer cells, improve athletic performance, prevent dementia, and lead to a longer life. Plus, fat is what gives ice cream its wonderful taste and texture!

When will you launch? Will it be in grocery stores? Is it U.S. only?

The ultimate goal is many Rebel flavors at your local grocery store. It's cheaper for both of us. But since that may take some time, we will ship online immediately as well. Our online store will launch around April 2018. We will need your help. Please request Rebel ice cream from your local store manager. We unfortunately cannot ship orders outside the U.S., but we hope to expand outside the U.S. as soon as we can.

What are your ingredients? Is it vegan friendly? How many and what flavors will you launch with?

See our Kickstarter page for more information.

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